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This page has news, information, documentation and links software for the sysstat utilities that I created for Linux. The sysstat utilities are a collection of performance monitoring tools for Linux. These include sar,mpstat, iostat and sa

News: Tuesday June 8, 2004
Sysstat 5.0.5 released (stable version).
Maybe the last stable version before the beginning of a new development series. This one fixes a bug in the binary RPM file, where symlinks to sysstat script were wrong in the /etc/rc.d directories. It also get rid of 'mojibakes' that sar and mpstat could have displayed with some locales (especially ja_JP).
Thursday May 20, 2004
Sysstat 5.0.4 released (stable version).
Small but important fixes in this release : some of them concern the sysstat shell script called on system reboot. A bug introduced in version 5.0.1 prevented it from working properly (LINUX RESTART messages could no longer be added automatically to daily data files on system restart).
Wednesday April 7, 2004
Sysstat 5.0.3 released (stable version).
Various fixes and improvements added in this version, among which the major one concerns the handling of 'unsigned long long' counters which are beginning to appear in the kernel (see kernel 2.6.5 for example). Also note that the isag tool has been upgraded and it should now really fix the small temporary file vulnerability.
size="2"><span March 10, 2004
Sysstat 5.0.2 released (stable version).
OK, sysstat 5.0.2 is ready for download at last. A few bugs have been fixed in this version. But above all, iostat can look for its extended statistics in the /proc/partitions file again if available. /proc/partitions support had been removed in sysstat 4.1.3 in favor of sysfs included in 2.6 kernels. Its support has been added again here because many production servers are still using 2.2.x and 2.4.x kernels today.
February 27, 2004
Sysstat 5.0.2 will be released Wednesday, March 10. With this version, iostat will be able again to get its extended statistics from /proc/partitions on 2.2 and 2.4 kernels !
February 2nd, 2004
Sysstat 5.0.1 released (stable version).
The main improvement in this version is the addition of option -L to sadc, enabling it to lock its output file to prevent multiple instances from writing to it at once. Beside this, do not hesitate to try this version with recent 2.6 kernels to make sure it is really stable.
December 15, 2003
Good news : From now on, you have access to the source packages of old sysstat versions. This may be useful for some people, for example those who are still running old kernels and want extended statistics information with iostat. See the download section.
November 9, 2003
Sysstat 5.0.0 released (stable version)
Yes... You read it: the new sysstat version 5.0.0 is now available on your favorite web site ;-) It has new improvements again, and even the documentation has been enhanced. So, just try it and you will feel better! And if you find any bugs left, well, tell me...
September 28, 2003
Sysstat 4.1.7 released (development version)
OK. Here is the first sysstat version which should be 100% compliant with 2.6 Linux kernels. This version uses /proc/diskstats in addition to sysfs to get statistics for devices. Also several new statistics were added to sar (page faults, swap cached, devices stats....) whereas other ones considered not really useful were removed.
I'm waiting now for your feedback so that sysstat 5.0.0 can be released soon. Enjoy...
August 20, 2003
Sysstat 4.1.6 released (development version)
This version contains another bunch of fixes and optimizations (iostat, sar, mpstat). See the changelog file for details. Oh, and option -F was added to sadc to force the creation of its daily data file. This is particularly useful to avoid the « Invalid system activity file » error messages you get when the format of those files changes.
PS: I hope that next sysstat release (4.1.7), planned for october, will be fully kernel 2.6 compliant. My goal is to start again with a stable series (5.0.x) before the end of the year.

July 22nd, 2003
Sysstat 4.1.5 released (development version)
Several important fixes are included in this release : sar -x / -X now work again (a buglet in sysstat 4.1.4 made these options unavailable). Also a bug, introduced in the 4.1.x series, made some LINUX RESTART messages to not be displayed by sar
this is fixed here. Last, sar -P now works properly on machines
with more than 32 processors.
June 30, 2003
Sysstat 4.1.4 released (development version)
Various minor bugfixes are included in this version, like the way sar handles overflow with interfaces counters. Option « -x SUM » was removed from sar, since the calculation of the total number of faults made by the system was rather tricky. Also the code was greatly cleaned, and sysstat should now be really lighter than before as a consequence.
May 8, 2003
Sysstat 4.1.3 released (development version)
OK. This is the first version of sysstat to take advantage of the sysfs filesystem, included in recent, cutting-edge Linux kernels. Thus iostat should now be fully compliant with 2.5/2.6 kernels. But as a consequence, iostat will no longer look for statistics in the /proc/partitions file. Those who need to display extended statistics with iostat while still using an older 2.4 kernel must use sysstat 4.1.2 (or sysstat 4.0.7). With regard to sar, it has not been updated to use sysfs : I would rather wait for 2.6 kernels to be available...
January 23rd, 2003
Sysstat 4.1.2 released (development version)
Lots of small and not so small changes in this release. Among others, sar -q now also displays load average for the past 15 minutes, and option -P has been added to sar to display stats on a per processor basis. Because of this, sar syntax has changed a little : sar -U ALL is replaced by sar -u -P ALL (or simply sar -P ALL), and sar -I PROC is replaced by sar -I SUM -P ALL.
January 2nd, 2003
Sysstat 4.1.1 released (development version)
This new year starts with a new development series for sysstat. The result will be a set of commands that will work with cutting edge Linux kernels (2.5.x and above). Sysstat 4.1.1 is the first version in this series. It includes I/O wait support by all the commands of sysstat.
November 13, 2002
Sysstat 4.0.7 released (stable version)
Small changes in this version : 1) the data for midnight time (00:00:00) is now saved in the daily data file before sar/sadc rotates it ; 2) mpstat -P can now be used even on UP machines.
NB: A new development series (4.1.x) is to begin soon to take into account newer 2.5/2.6 kernels.
August 4, 2002
Sysstat 4.0.6 released (stable version)
The main changes in this release concern the mpstat command. A few bugs affecting it on big-endian architectures have been fixed.
May 12, 2002
Sysstat 4.0.5 released (stable version).
Various fixes were added in this version, among which the most important one concerns service times and average wait times displayed by iostat -x. Also sar -H is now able to display its timestamps in local time or in UTC (this was expected for long now). Other softwares related to sysstat (isag, and the new sargon shell script) are now available in the contrib directory included in sysstat source package.
April 7, 2002
Sysstat 4.0.4 released (stable version).
iostat is now able to display disk I/O activity in kilobytes per second with 2.4.x kernels (option -k). No need to use option -x any more to get this!. A file giving answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) is now included in sysstat package. Last but not least a few fixes were added to sar, and sysstat is now translated into Russian.
January 27, 2002
Sysstat 4.0.3 released (stable version).
In this version, iostat is now able to display disk I/O activity in kilobytes per second when option -x is used. Also sysstat has been translated into italian, and a few potential segmentation faults have been fixed.
September 22nd, 2001
Sysstat 4.0.2 released (stable version).
After a well deserved break, sysstat is back with its 4.0.2 version. This one includes a few bug fixes, in particular with IA64 machines, and new features like the database friendly option -H added to sar. Also the configuration procedure has been improved and sysstat is now translated into Norwegian. Translators are still wanted anyway (see note from Friday March 9 below)!
June 24, 2001
Sysstat 4.0.1 released (stable version).
The previous release of sysstat (4.0.0) appeared to be quite stable. There is a new version anyway which fixes a few things, among which a security hole and a compile problem with some distro.
April 8, 2001
Sysstat 4.0.0 released (stable version).
The new stable version of sysstat is now available ! Check out the download page to get it. This version is fully compatible with Linux 2.4 of course. Enjoy !
March 9, 2001
TRANSLATORS WANTED !Sysstat was designed with National Language Support in mind. I am now looking for people willing to translate sysstat messages in their own language. I especially need a spanish translator, since the spanish translation is no longer maintained. Other languages, such as italian, swedish, russian, polish, etc. are welcome. If you are interested and feel good enough, please read the README-nls file included in sysstat package, and get in touch with me!
March 8, 2001
Sysstat 3.3.6 released (development version).
New features have been added here to the sarcommand : ability to report on load averages, queue length, and devices. Also new paging statistics have been added. And the usual set of bug fixes. I hope to release the final stable version of sysstatat the beginning of April (sysstat 4.0.0).
February 11, 2001
Sysstat 3.3.5 released (development version).
This version contains an iostatcommand that takes full advantage of Stephen Tweedie's kernel patch to display extended I/O statistics. Sysstat-3.3.5 also includes for the first time a tool to plot the data stored in a daily data file : this is the isagcommand (Interactive System Activity Graph).
January 26, 2001
Sysstat 3.3.4 released (development version).
This is the first version of sysstat which is fully compliant with Linux 2.4.x kernels! The bulk of the work has concerned the iostatcommand. A few bugs with the sarcommand have also been fixed.
January 9, 2001
style="font-style: normal;">Sysstat release 3.3.3 is now available on Sunsite/Metalab servers. This version is the first one which has been updated for Linux 2.4 kernels. Yet some work has href="download_en.html">
November 19, 2000
Version 3.3.2 has just been uploaded to Metalab! The sarcommand now saves timestamps in its daily data files both in UST and in the user's timezone formats. As a consequence, the format of the daily data files has changed and is not compatiblewith that of previous versions. So don't forget to delete your old files in the /var/log/sa directory before using sysstat 3.3.2.
Development series 3.3.1 has started and should eventually lead to a version that will be Linux 2.4 compliant. In the meantime, version 3.3.1 is ready to August 6, 2000
style="">I discovered a few bugs again in the previous release of sysstat. So there is yet another version (3.2.4)which has been 2000
style="">Version 3.2.3 uploaded to Metalab. It should be the latest release of the 3.2.x series.<span
June 17, 2000
have an SMP machine with a kernel from the 2.2.x series (with x <= 15), you are strongly encouraged to upgrade to kernel 2.2.16, since the sarcommand may trigger a race condition in the console driver. This Linux bug concerns only SMP machines. It has 2000
style="font-style: normal;">Version 3.2.2 has been uploaded to Metalab.
style="font-style: normal;">Versions numbering will now follow Linux kernels rule: Version 3.2.2 is sysstat latest stablerelease. Version 3.3.1 will include the mpstatcommand, and will be considered as a development release.
style="font-style: normal;">Version 3.3beta5 is ready to be tested and waits for you at the download <span page.
Iostat disk accounting patch version 4 has also been released (not
Version 3.2 uploaded to Metalab, and should be ready by the time you read 2000
Version 3.2beta10 ready to download now!
Version 3.1 available at Metalab!
Version 3.1 is complete! It should be available at Metalab by Thursday or so.

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