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Tips - Mit dem Hund nach Schweden.


Nice to read your dog story. I com from holland and this year I work in Sweden. So we also wanted to take our dog with us. I can say it's all messed up here in Sweden when you have a dog and come into Sverige.

In our car we had for about 300 DEM food with us so we can store it in our appartment. This also contained dogfood and other fleisch-food. We knew this is not allowed to import in Sweden. But we put > We have crossed the border twice this year to come into Sweden. we crossed the border at Helsingborg, coming from Danmark.

At the borderpatrol customs they were only interested in our lovely little dog white poodle . They were not friendly at all. All they could get out of their mouth was pointing with a finger: DOG> So then you go to a little office and tell some sleeping person there you have a big monster in you car, called a dog. Of course we arranged the Jordbruks Verket papers. Poor dog: many extra injectio> Also we are mostly used to take the dog with us in a restaurant, but if they see you with the dog then 1st thing they let you know is that dogs are not allowed in a restaurant.

If some inspection com> For the rest everything is extremely nice here in the middle of Schweden Ostersund . It's easy to go to Norway we hope to find this out next week , lot of Algs moose , mountains, nature, water,...>

Best regards, Hans Masselink

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